Buddhist Chant Near Wat Arun

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On our way back from Wat Arun, Gata, my friend, suggested we take the public bus. It was around five in the afternoon. I agreed, and we, with the help of google maps, walked through the back alleys in order to get to the bus stop that is heading back to Samut Prakan. After walking a few hundred metres, we heard a Buddhist chant from a temple. I decided to get closer in order to record it. I did not go in, but recorded from the outside since the chant was amplified through a horn speaker. Of course, the sound inside the temple and the one being amplified are different. The character of the horn speaker gave the sound its’ own impression. The speaker had reduced the low frequency sound that often happen when monks sing using the resonation in their throats. 

This is the recording of my first Buddhist in Thailand. It feels like a coincidence to have encountered these sounds. There is a happy feeling when encountering these sounds. I will be recording chants from other temples throughout my research, but this first recording feels much more memorable. The monks chant in the language of Pali according to the majority of Buddhists in Thailand, Theravada. This continuos chant creating a meditative energy. The monks usually chant before they meditate. This is a habitual activity in a daily life of a monk.

That afternoon, the small road in front of the temple is very quiet. There were only a few numbers of motorcycles passing by the street. On the other hand, birds are chirping on top of the trees. There is a form of serenity I these sounds.

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