Bumrung Buri Market in The Morning

  • Bumrung Buri Market in The Morning 00:00

The following recording is from Bumrung Buri market, in the Old City district, in the morning. At night, the area in front of this market will turn into a food bazaar. In the morning however, Bumrung Buri market was as active as a normal everyday traditional market. The atmosphere was slightly different in the Muang Mai market at night. While recording, I sat at a stall that was selling coffee and Thai tea. The market was crowded that morning. Other than the sound of transaction between sellers and buyers, there would be conversations and laughter among the sellers. I could hear the sound of footsteps from buyers that walked about accompanied by the sound of people cooking from the stalls that were selling foods. The sound of whistles could be heard from the parking area, while trucks, cars, and motorcycles could be seen passing by. Sometimes, foreign tourists would enter the market to look around and take pictures.


In the afternoon, the atmosphere in Bumrung Buri became more and more empty. The sound of water flowing from the meat stall could be heard clearly. Employees started cleaning the stalls. One or two sellers talked and laughed together. Some stalls were closed and sellers who were tired could be seen asleep on tables. Meanwhile, one of the stalls turned on the TV with a moderate volume. The sound of whistles could also be heard. The intensity of the hustle and bustle settles down at last.

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