Drink Seller in a Train from Ayutthaya

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On the 15th of January at night, after spending the whole day walking and recording in the area of Ayutthaya, I decided to go back to Bangkok. I took a rapid train from Ayutthaya Station that departs in 19.25.

In my travel back, the train stopped in one station for quite some time. Then a man enters the train, and offers his goods. This man had tea, mineral water, Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc. This reminded me of trains in Indonesia ten years ago, when merchants would often walk along the train selling foods and drinks. Now, the train management in Indonesia has been improved. Back then, the condition of trains was very uncomfortable, as there was no exact limit of passengers in a train. Upon holidays, Eid holiday for example, the trains would be filled to the brim, and people would lay down below the chairs layered with only a mat. In the middle of this situation, the merchants would still walk along the train offering their goods to the passengers. I remember very clearly how suffocating it was. 

The opposite of the story, the condition of the train I took from Ayutthaya was very quiet, even though the train I took that exact afternoon to Ayutthaya was very crowded. The wain that I was on had a lot of empty seats, and the same goes for the other wains. In the midst of that silence, the footstep of the merchant can be heard very clearly along with his tired voice offering his goods to the passengers. How can he sell all of his goods and get the money he needs in this empty train? As he passed one wain to another, he played with his intonation whilst offering his goods. It seems that he has a great sense of humour. Who knows? Maybe the empty train made him dwell in his own entertainment. 

Maybe, fun and laughter is the best way to entertain oneself after all the struggle of life, but all this is just my interpretation. I do not know what the man is going through; neither does he know what is on my mind. At least the humours intonation the merchant is producing is entertaining me as I travel from Ayutthaya to Bangkok. I hope that he can sell his goods in the days to come, Amin.

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