Drops of Coins in Wat Pho

  • Drops of Coins in Wat Pho 00:00

It was an afternoon in Wat Pho, the temple famous for its 46 metre reclining Buddha statue. This is the recording of coins dropped by the people who were praying in this temple. Beside the Buddha statue, there are 108 metal bowls with the diameter of around the size of an adult hand. These bowls are placed in a line. In front of the entrance, people can trade 20 baht for 108 coins that will be thrown one by one in to those bowls.

108 is a sacred number in Buddhism. It symbolizes the 108 answers of Buddha in becoming perfection itself when he was tested with 108 questions by Bodhisattwa Mahamati. In Japan, the bells will be rung 108 times on the last day of the year. Each ring of the bell represents one temptation of life that people have to face in order to reach nirvana.

Back to Wat Pho, this coin phenomenon creates a clattering sound. Especially when there are a lot of people making the clattering sound go non-stop. The character of the sound is very unique, and is only possible because of the coins hitting the metal bowl. In addition, the high ceiling makes the sound echo through the halls. This is a natural reverb of this room. Legends says that these clattering sounds brings blessing and good fortune.

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