Muang Mai Market Chiang Mai at Night

  • Muang Mai Market Chiang Mai at Night 00:00

One of the things I liked to do during my stay in Chiang Mai was visiting the traditional markets. There were many traditional markets here, starting from the ones that were active in the morning, active in the afternoon, and even at night. In the Old City district, only a few hundred meters from where I was staying, there was the Bumrung Buri market that sold daily needs, such as proteins, vegetables, fruits, meat, bread, snacks, and groceries. Near the historical Ping river stands my favourite market called the Muang Mai market. I liked going there, especially at night when the atmosphere becomes lively with the lights from the stalls. The sound of Muang Mai at night was also very interesting. The sellers offering their goods, the hustle and bustle of transactions throughout the night, some sellers played Thailand songs on their radio, which to me had their own humour, the sound of tuk-tuk, motorcycles, cars, and sometimes even trucks. This market is located along the streets of Wichayanon. Aside from being the means to commute, streets of Thailand is an interesting center of life on its own, from the cheap and delicious street food to the crowded markets. The hustle and bustle of Thailand is a very intriguing. 


While in Chiang Mai, I recorded the markets using a handy recorder on my right hand, and I would wander slowly along the market. I felt that this method was far more interesting than putting on a microphone on one spot, because I felt that I was able to explore more and able to feel intuitively the dynamic sounds around me.

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