Night at Wat Umong

  • Night at Wat Umong 00:00

Wat Umong is one of the famous temples in Chiang Mai. This temple is also famous for its unique architecture, which is a tunnel shape. The Wat Umong area is quite big and filled with foliages. The environment is still natural. There is a large pond filled with fishes, pigeons flying everywhere, and dogs walking along the roads. It seems that the monks are very fond with nature and animals around them. 

This is the recording of the shift from day to night at Wat Umong. The tourists and visitors are starting to leave the area as the sky darkens. The sound of people is replaced by the sound of birds and insects from the trees. There are also the sound of lizard and dogs. On the other hand, the sounds of vehicles are far in the distance, although it is still faintly audible. These sounds are sometimes interrupted by the sound of planes flying across the sky. The soundscape of Wat Umong at night is like the meditation of the monks, deep and hypnotizing.

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