Night Insect at Doi Inthanon

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On 28th January, after almost one week staying and researching sounds in Chiang Mai and around it, I decided ‘to go up’ to the Doi Inthanon National Park area using a rental motorcycle. This mountainous area is located about 60 kilometers north west of Chiang Mai city. It was recorded, the highest peak of Mount Doi Inthanon reached 2,565 meters  above sea level, making it the highest spot in Thailand. Long ago, these mountains were called Doi Luang, which meant big mountain or Doi Ang Ka which meant ‘crow’s pond top’.

The journey to the height of Doi Inthanon was really fun. This national park area was very natural. Green trees could be seen along the track, with the air feeling fresher with every breath we take ( it was also getting colder ). I left the lodge around 9 in the morning. Before reaching the summit area, I stopped for a while to record the sound of the beautiful Mae Ya waterfall. Even though this research focused more on culture – ethnography, but I felt like there wasn’t anything wrong in recording several nature sounds that had special connection in the history of the Chiang Mai people, like the sound of the Ping river. The name Doi Inthanon mountains itself was given to pay respect to Inthawichayanon, the last king of Chiang Mai. During his rule between the years 1870-1897, Inthawichayanon was so concerned with preserving the forest and mountains in North of Thailand. 

Because I was so busy ‘stopping by’ and enjoying several spots on the area of these beautiful mountains, I didn’t realize I had just returned from the summit approaching night time. I had to go down through zig-zags in the dark. The sound of birds around the area that was heard in the afternoon gradually changed to the sound of insects which was so interesting. These sounds could still pass through my helmet and felt so tempting to for me to stop and record it. I finally pull aside to the dark side of the road and started gearing up my recording gear. Only the surrounding tree shadows and the sound of insects that kept me company. There were rare sounds of vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and trucks passing by. These insect sounds in high frequency was so meditative and relaxing.

Scientific data stated that the Doi Inthanon National Park area is home to various species of plants and animals, from birds, reptile, amphibian (among others are kinds of frogs), to insects. Enjoy listening to the night time symphony of Doi Inthanon nature, interspersed with engine sounds that occasionally passed by – which made the sound more dramatic because of the surrounding serenity.

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