Night Insects and Tuk-tuk Duet in Chiang Mai

  • Night Insects and Tuk-tuk Duet in Chiang Mai 00:00

It is a regret of mine to not record the sound of tuk tuk specifically, although I was in Thailand for a month. I only noticed this when I finished the research. I really want to go back to Thailand to record the sound of tuk tuk, a three wheeled vehicle with a unique sound. In a glance, it is similar to bajaj in Indonesia. This vehicle is very popular in Thailand. Reading the history briefly, tuk tuk also came from Japan. Since 1934, Japan has been importing this vehicle to Thailand through Klong Toei port of Bangkok. Since then, this vehicle has become more popular in Thailand. On the other hand, in Japan this vehicle has lost its popularity in the second part of the 1960’s.

Back to my regret. Fortunately, I already recorded the tuk tuk sound by accident. While scrolling through recording archive of Chiang Mai, I found a recording of a cicada in the shift of cold season to summer in north Thailand. I recorded this upon midnight in the Old City area, specifically in Pratu gate near Bumrung Buri Market, and in the background you can also hear the sound of tuk tuk.

Some are idle, and others are moving. The unique tuk-tuk macine sound was recorded along with the long drone sound of insects. It was exhilarating. It felt like finding a missing part to a puzzle, although this is far from an ideal recording. This sound panorama was made interesting thanks to it. Enjoy this symphony of insects and tuk tuk in the night of Old City Ching Mai.

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