Night Walk at Khao San Road

  • Night Walk at Khao San Road 00:00

Do not be fooled, what you are listening in the first part of this audio is not a real frog, rather it is the sound of a toy frog made out of wood sold by a souvenir merchant. These souvenirs do not make sounds in a field, but in the crowded Khao San Road, Bangkok. Hence, do not be surprised to hear this sound along with the chatter of people, techno music played by cafes and bars, the sound of shoes, the sound of Pad Thai fryer, and every other noise. 

Khaosan Road, a 410 metre road, was first built in the year 1892 by king Rama V. It is located in the area of Bang Lamphu, around 1 kilometre north of Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. Since a few decades ago, this once empty place have changed into one of the most visited place in Bangkok, filled with cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and lodges. It is also filled by merchants. This place is always crowded by people who want to enjoy the atmosphere every night.

Night at Khaosan Road is a hectic night. You can hear through this recording, a paradise for travellers.

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