Seven Eleven Doors

  • Seven Eleven Doors 00:00

This is not a special recording in anyway. This is only a recording of an automatic seven eleven door. However, this sound is something I constantly hear while staying in Thailand. The sensor that has a similar sound to a bell followed by the sound of a door opening allowing people to go in and out of the store. Yes, these 24 hour minimarkets are very easy to find in big cities of Thailand. Actually, there are other minimarkets, but the most memorable one is the seven eleven Japan, wooden sliding door is part of ancient culture.

I recorded this sound of an automated door in Chiang Mai, specifically on my way back from Wat Umong. In the parking lot are a couple of people chatting on their motorcycles while drinking the drinks they bought from the minimarket. There are also the sounds of motorcycle engines passing by. At the same time, the sound of door continues as people go in and out of the store. That is it, nothing more and nothing less. If you visit Thailand, you might also regard it as part of our civilization today.

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