Shukcai Court Bird and Construction Sound

  • Shukcai Court Bird and Construction Sound 00:00

After almost two weeks living in the district of Samrong Samut Prakan, I finally moved to Shukcai Court district, Asok, Shukumvit Bangkok. Shukumvit is one of the busiest places in Bangkok. There are a lot of tall buildings, offices, hotels, markets, and shopping centres. The condition is rather noise compared to Samut Prakan. Especially on weekends, the streets of Shukumvit will be crowded with the vehicles passing-by even after past midnight. 

This is one of the characters of soundscape in a large city. I recorded this from an apartment balcony on the fourth floor at dusk. The apartment I was staying at was approximately 500 metres from the main road. The sounds of constructions and vehicles from the main road can be heard in the distance. Those sounds are accompanied by the sounds of birds that signifies the transition from dusk to night. These sounds are later reflected by the walls of the building in front of me. You can hear the unique characteristic of reflected sound in this recording. 

Aside from the constructions and machinery, the chirping of birds can still be found. Although this capital city is going through modernization, I still often see flocks of birds around. There are many types of birds; oriental magpie robin, pigeons, turtledoves, crows, and many more. I feel, it is very different from Jakarta.

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