Victory Monument Bus Stop

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This recording is from 2018, not from my research in January of 2019. Why? I will explain more later on. This is the recording of the people in the bus that stops at Victory Monument, Bangkok. Victory Monument is one of the most busy transit stations in Bangkok. Buses that come from and going to different places transits here. As the bus stops, the bus conductors would shout to announce and call the waiting passengers. Most of the conductors are middle aged women. They have a very unique intonation. I recorded this on march 18th 2019 after a two hour trip from Salaya. The sound of bus machines can also be heard.

On the 13th January of 2019, I went back to Victory Monument to record the soundscape there. Moreover, I wanted to record the bus conductor voice just like last year. However, I did not find what I was looking for, rather an announcement from a speaker placed exactly where people used to wait for the bus. There was no speaker last year. Now, those speakers have replaced the voice of the bus conductors. I felt as if I lost something important. On one side, it is good to have this technology: they do not have to scream everyday anymore, but on the other hand we lost a soundscape. I felt very sentimental, because the announcement made from the speaker sounded very flat and dry. The volume was also too high for human ear. It was different from the screams of the bus conductors which was very unique and lively.

I still question whether I came at the wrong time, but I still did not find the bus assistants the other time I went here. I personally am still in doubt if the soundscape of the victory monument has really changed. Maybe, those who read this and have the opportunity to visit Bangkok, namely Victory Monument can tell us their experience. It was a quick transition. It feels that this recording is like a time machine. Everything around us will change, including the sound in our South East Asian countries.

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