A Street Musician at Ho Chi Minh Square

  • A Street Musician at Ho Chi Minh Square 00:00

On another Ho Chi Minh Square night a street musician was playing a flute to playback music from a large size portable loudspeaker. The power of this speaker could reach the whole Ho Chi Minh Square, moreover the volume was set so high that it was deafening to the ear. You could listen, this sound already distorted after reach the peak level of the loudspeaker. It was unfortunate, because the flute play and music itself was beautiful and soul touching.

Why did it need to be set on such a high volume? This is just my personal critic. I often encounter this phenomenon in several public spaces in the city. In the 23rd September park near my lodge for example, people could install large speakers for karaoke and set the highest volume possible! It felt like occupying a public space with sonic booms. Furthermore it’s definitely dangerous for your ears in the long term. Speaker technology could amplify sound waves in high decibels. Though it didn’t need to be used in such “celebrative” way. I only imagined, if the volume had been turned down a little, the music would have been presented in more touching way. Sometimes something that is conveyed softer would touch the soul more.

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