An Afternoon at Times City KFC

  • An Afternoon at Times City KFC 00:00

Similar to the noise of coffee shops, I also feel a noisy environment from a fast food restaurant in Times City Hanoi. Still in the Tet holiday, families choose to have lunch here. The restaurant was fully crowded that afternoon. While enjoying their food, the children would run around and yell from all directions. There was also one who was crying for whatever reason. While in the distance an employee cleaning the tables and chairs. The employee moves the chair without lifting it up making a screeching noise. The sound of spoon, forks, and plates being played in the kitchen completes the spectrum of sound. I do not understand why these activities are not done in a calmer manner. The adults also seem to be indulged in their conversation.

I am getting a bit dizzy with all the noise. Fortunately, the chicken was good enough for me to fell happy on this New Year’s holiday.

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