Bamboo Jumping Games in Hoan Kiem

  • Bamboo Jumping Games in Hoan Kiem 00:00

In the area of Hoan Kiem Lake at Saturday night, aside from the ballroom dance community, young children are also playing tug of war, street musicians, children running around, there is also teenagers who were playing bamboo jumping. In Indonesia, this similar bamboo jumping tradition in Nusa Tenggara Timur called Rangku Alu.

These teenagers each hold a bamboo in their right and left hand making a zig-zag of bamboos which people have to cross. I like watching this game, because this game sounds like a percussion ensemble. The sound of bamboos hitting the asphalt sounds very unique. Sometimes, when the bamboo is a bit broken, the bamboo will create a cracking sound. With a moderate tempo, they pace the game. The bamboos are hit the asphalt before they close or open it. The player has to synchronize themselves with the tempo. If you are able to avoid the bamboos then you win, but if you get caught then there will be a punishment. The game is very simple, but very exciting. If there is a good player then the teenagers would increase the pace. The pace would increase by time, and peole will cher as the pace becomes faster. This game would bring joy and laughter. Happiness is sometimes very simple.

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