Children Riding Bicycle at Times City

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After a few days of going around Ha Giang Loop, Northern Vietnam, I opened the recording data I have taken for two weeks in this country. One of which is the recording of children riding their bikes at the Times City Apartment in Hanoi, the place I was staying in for the first week in Vietnam.

Times City is a big apartment complex owned by one of biggest property company in Vietnam. It has a very urban atmosphere. It reflects the modern style of living. The buildings reach high up the sky. It is very different from the rural area, and even cities that does not have apartments like this one. I came to know of this apartment from the internet. A friend of mine who had been working for 3 years in Hanoi joked to me saying “wow, it doesn’t feel like you’re living in Hanoi!”.

This is a recording of two children riding their bikes in the middle of the Times City complex. Like the innocent children they are, they showed their happiness bluntly while riding their bikes. I placed my microphone exactly in the middle of the complex, on a bench. What is interesting is that the sound of children in the recording goes back and forth along with their bikes. Their movement creates a natural stereo panning effect. Their parents waited for the children on a bench near them. The mother would, once in a while, yell while observing the children, while the father seemed more lax.

Hearing this recording reminded me of the time when I was in North Vietnam. I remember the sound of Hmong Children playing cards in Dong Van district. These two examples of children have a very different reality. The Hmong children live between a cliff and mountains, while the children in Times City play between buildings. Their “playground” is very different. If you hear it carefully, the sound of Times City children contains a lot of echoes. These echoes were created by the walls surrounding them.

On one side, their happiness and innocence is very identic. In the future, I will find a similar sound of innocence from the Japanese children who are playing cards at Odori Park Sapporo. Of course, language sounds is very different, also the sound surrounding them. However, emotion wise is very similar. The young spirit is sometimes very simple to understand for the mature people who have more to think about.

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