Da Nang Beach

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How often do you hear the sound of the sea? Of course you have heard it once right? You have memories about it don’t you?

In a glance, there might not be anything special about this recording. this is a recording of the waves in Da Nang Beach, specifically in the Red Beach. This is the beach where the American fleet which brought many troops docked in March, 8th 1965, which signified the start of the Vietnam War.

On the 22nd of February 2019, I spent my entire afternoon recording the sound in the area. There were only a couple of teenagers playing soccer in the distance, while a fisherman can be seen setting his traps in the middle of the ocean. The tide of Da Nang Beach was not very aggressive.

After recording, I did not feel like going back to my lodge. I spent night sitting alone on the beach, brooding about many things. There were people dating on the beach, and also people spending time drinking and chatting. One of them even gave me a can of beer.

On this sea shore, the thought of past, present, and future sometimes comes in to mind in one train of thought. As the night gets older, the sound of the tide changes, it sounds calmer than in the afternoon. It feels like the ups and downs of this life. There times of war and times of peace. My heart hopes for peace in this land in the future to come, because I love this land so much. Even though I am a Javanese person myself.

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