Ha Noi Train Station

  • Ha Noi Train Station 00:00

This is a sound recording of the Hanoi station or Ga Hanoi in Vietnamese. This station is located on Le Duan Street in Hoan Kiem district. About one kilometer west of Hoan Kiem Lake. A brief look at history, this station was built in 1902 by the France colonial government. At the time its’ main purpose was to load coal and other several mineral materials to the Haiphong port which was located east of Hanoi city. In 1945, this station was activated as a transportation gate for the North Vietnam troops heading south. Then in 1972 when the Vietnam war was occurring, the stations’ main building had experienced damages because of a bomb. In 1976, after the war was over, the stations’ building was renovated to a modern architectural design. The side of the building that didn’t experience damages was still maintained to this day.

In this recording you can hear the sound of announcements on the SE train schedule, or the Reunification Express Train. The name was taken to mark the unification of North and South Vietnam post-Vietnam war. The announcement was in Vietnamese read by a woman broadcasted through the loud speakers installed on the stations’ pillars. Before the announcement was made, a familiar melodious bell code of do mi sol do was played. Meanwhile, the rumbling engine sound from the SE train could be heard in low frequency. Occasionally, the trains’ horn which was very loud could be heard.

This was the atmosphere inside the station. While outside of the station, the atmosphere was much more crowded. Le Duan street is often full with the sound of vehicles and people, especially in rush hours. People passing by coming and going from and to the station. You could really feel the hustle and bustle around the station.

The SE train connects the long route from Hanoi station to Chi Minh City (Ga Sai Gon) which was about 1,700 km away, every day. Its’ not your ordinary train. It was also part of the historical journey of this country. It was also a witness to the unification of North and South Vietnam. Its’ tracks was like a thread of history which will always be remembered through the times.

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