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As I walked through district 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, after recording sounds in Central Post Office Saigon, I heard an interesting sound from a distance. It felt like the sound was slowly approaching me. I immediately took my handy recorder from my bag and turned it on to record the sound. The sound turned out to be an ice cream vendor.

In South East Asian countries, like Thailand and Vietnam, there are a lot of street vendors such as this. It is a common sight for street vendors like ice cream, banh mi, drinks, food, and others using a bicycle, a cart, or motorcycle. In Java, the sound of a bowl being a hit by a spoon is identified as the sound of meatball vendors. While the sound of jingles identified as the sound of Madura satay vendors. Once again, sounds has become a crucial representation on these streets. Through ‘sound symbols’ we can identify what vendor is passing through. In cosmopolitan Singapore, where everything is organized and sterilized we could still find the super delicious Uncle Ice Cream, especially enjoyable during a hot day on a Singaporean street, but we can’t find any street vendors sound there.

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